Alaskan Adventure Winter Tour

Explore Alaska in winter from various perspectives—on the ground,
behind a dog team, from a helicopter, via a plane, and on a train.


Join us in Anchorage, Alaska, to partake in the historic Fur Rendezvous (Fur Rondy) and witness both the Ceremonial and Official Start of the renowned Iditarod Race. Throughout your stay, explore Anchorage, Palmer, Willow, and Talkeetna. Opt for the Northern Lights package, and you'll extend your journey to Fairbanks, traveling through Denali via a scenic train ride.

Together, let’s explore the beauty of Alaska.

Embark on an exhilarating snow machine adventure through the captivating Alaska wilderness with a premier company. Gain insights into the areas you explore as you revel in the serene tranquility only found far from civilization. No prior experience is required for this extraordinary journey.

Visit a dynamic racing kennel to delve into the intricacies of preparing dogs for the ultimate wilderness race. Indulge in the pure joy of a sled dog ride, where you'll experience the sheer delight shared by the team as they guide you through the hushed beauty of the trails.


Meet the passionate mushers at the lively Mushers Ball, immersing yourself in the vibrant culture surrounding this thrilling sport. Cheer on the teams during the Ceremonial Start of the race, an event reminiscent of the spirited pep rallies from our youth, filled with excitement, anticipation, and unwavering fan support.

Elevate your experience by discussing the opportunity to bid on a seat aboard one of the race sleds. Enjoy unparalleled behind-the-scenes access before embarking on an 11-mile journey during the Ceremonial Start, trailing behind one of the racing teams as they dash through the streets of Anchorage.

Embark on a gastronomic journey with inclusive breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at top-rated restaurants. For an elevated experience, consider upgrading to include adult beverages with your dinners.

Fly out to remote checkpoints and witness the teams of dogs as they pause for a rest during the race. Gain a unique perspective of the dogs in action after witnessing their spirited start. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery from the plane, providing a different vantage point to admire the wilderness below. Keep a keen eye out for racing teams traversing the snow-covered landscape.

Opt for a helicopter flight to enhance your Alaskan winter adventure. Experience a distinct facet of Alaska with a landing on a glacier. Behold the snow-covered mountains, spot wildlife, and take a memorable walk on the glacier. This extraordinary experience promises moments that will linger in your memory.

Dreaming of witnessing the Aurora Borealis? Opt for our 4-night Northern Lights packages, featuring hotels offering special Northern Lights wake-up calls. Marvel at the beauty of the lights from the cozy interiors of the hotel, or step outside onto the deck for an immersive experience. Upgrade to the Chena Hot Springs package for the chance to enjoy the lights from the soothing comfort of the hot springs. The package also includes the Aurora Train ride through Denali National Park, heading up to Fairbanks.


Explore Alaska in winter from various perspectives—on the ground, behind a dog team, atop a snowmachine, from a helicopter, via a plane, and on a train. This comprehensive and premium approach offers you the ultimate way to immerse yourself in the historical legacy of the Iditarod.

In 2025, we mark the centennial anniversary of Seppala and Togo's historic 1925 serum run. Join us in commemorating this remarkable feat that became an integral part of Alaska's history.

Participate in the lively Fur Rondy festivities, which began in 1936 as a way for miners and trappers to come together after the long winter. Now, it's a time for Alaskans to celebrate in various ways. Witness traditional activities like the historic blanket toss, used by natives to spot whales across frozen ice. Cheer on the thrilling outhouse races, a playful nod to a staple in many households. Run alongside the reindeer if you dare, or revel in the excitement as a spectator. Enjoy sprint-style dog races in town and immerse yourself in the winter carnival. With so much to see and do, the challenge lies in finding time for it all.

The Iditarod, initiated in 1973, stands as a vital effort to safeguard a crucial part of Alaskan history and honor the indispensable role of dogs in the region. This iconic race spans approximately 1000 miles, traversing remote areas of Alaska accessible only by plane, snow machine, or dogs during the winter, as no roads lead to these locations.

Kickstarting in Anchorage during Fur Rondy, the Ceremonial start of the Iditarod marks a significant spectacle. Attend the Mushers Ball to mingle with mushers, listening to their captivating stories. Experience the thrilling launch of the race in Anchorage as the teams set off on this daring expedition. The following day, the official race commences miles away in Willow, where we'll join thousands in cheering on the teams, witnessing a monumental test of courage.

Weather permitting, the day after the official start, we'll fly out to Rainy Pass—a key checkpoint strategically positioned just before the mushers confront the highest elevation climb on the trail. This venture promises an intimate encounter with the challenges and triumphs of the mushers in their quest for Iditarod glory.

All-Inclusive Delights

Our package encompasses accommodations, invigorating dog sledding escapades, exciting snow machine trips, and most of your meals, all wrapped up with convenient airport transfers. Gratuity for meals, transportation, snow machine, helicopter (if opted for), and train (if chosen) is thoughtfully included. While it doesn't cover flights to/from Alaska and winter clothing rental (we'll assist in setting this up and delivering it to your hotel room), gratuities for main guides, or any additional activities beyond the package, rest assured, we've taken care of the essentials for an unforgettable plural adventure.

Premium Packages

Immerse yourselves in the beauty of Alaska with our Premium Packages, designed for a splendid 10-night adventure. Revel in cozy accommodations, thrilling dog sledding, exhilarating snow machine trips, delightful meals, and seamless airport transfers. Our thoughtfulness extends to covering gratuities for meals, transportation, snow machine, helicopter (if opted for), and train (if chosen). While flights to/from Alaska, winter clothing rental (we'll facilitate the setup and delivery to your hotel room), gratuities for main guides, or additional activities beyond the package aren't included, we've crafted the essentials for a memorable plural escapade.

Premium Package 10 Nights per Person (Double Occupancy)

This per-person price caters to the enchantment of two individuals sharing a room.
Premium Package Single Price:

Ideal for solo travelers seeking private accommodations.
Enhance Your Adventure with Add-ons
Personalize Your Experience with Extra Delights

Northern Lights Package 4 Nights Per Person (Double Occupancy)

Add 4 nights of accommodations, most meals, Aurora Train ride, and wake up calls for when the lights are out. Cost is per person double occupancy

Offers private accommodations for solo travelers during the 4-night Northern Lights Package.

Additional Add Ons for Tour

Helicopter Tour to Knik Glacier
$589 per person
Soar to Knik Glacier and touch down for an extraordinary experience.

Adult Beverage Package:
$30 per day
Indulge in up to 2 premium drinks or glasses of wine per dinner.


Experience the Journey, Not Just the Destination

At Alaska Excursion Caravans, we believe that the essence of travel lies not only in reaching your destination, but also in savoring the entire journey. This is why we present premium accommodations with top-notch meals, ensuring your trip is not just comfortable but truly enjoyable. From handling hotel reservations to providing delicious meals, cozy beds, breathtaking views, and efficient transportation to thrilling dog sledding adventures, we've meticulously covered every aspect. Don't hesitate to immerse yourself in the wonders of Alaska with Alaska Excursion Caravans today!