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Learn what tours are included for the price


 Visit the Highlights page on either the Spring Tour or the Summer Tour to see what tours are included in the price and some descriptions of the tours. All of our tours are for 62 days. If you would like to extend your stay in Alaska, please call our office to discuss your options.

What dates are offered and what is the itinerary?


This page will show you what the start and end dates are. What the different stops are and how long in each spot. What number of miles you will drive on each move day. As well as what to expect to do for each day. Click here for the itinerary page.

Pricing for 2019 & 2020 Tours

Glacier Ice Cave in Valdez, AK

Here is where you go to find out “how much”. We offer two Caravans a year, a Spring &  Summer. Then you choose between three levels, Bronze or Silver or Gold. All of the choices will exceed your expectations but each adds another level of adventure. For those who want lots of open days to relax and explore while still including top level tours then Bronze is a great choice, for those looking for some open days but a few more unforgettable experiences then you will want to do the Silver, and for those who want to take on Alaska and leave no stone unturned then go Gold. Gold will still have open days but is the Ultimate Alaska adventure packed with memories that will last you a lifetime. Visit the Spring or Summer Pricing page to learn about the different costs and make sure to read at the bottom of the page the “Also included in the pricing” as it is very important.


Everything is big in Alaska except our caravan! Be part of an intimate group.

So why should you choose to join our caravan? Is this the right caravan for you?

 Our goal is to help you maximize the experience while minimizing the stress. Our groups will be small with no more then 14 rigs plus the wagonmaster. This gives us more time with each of you so that we can make sure you have the best experience possible. We will not fill every waking moment with group mandatory meetings, tour busses, or cemetery walks. This tour is for those looking for a more independent tour with all of the stress of planning and booking taken care of.

Our pricing is tiered to fit different budgets and levels of activity. Our Bronze level offers more adventures then any other caravan coming to Alaska but still leaves open days to do your own thing. The Silver tour adds some really special events and experiences that we feel shouldn’t be missed but again you will have time to do your own thing. The Gold tour is pulling out all the stops to give you the Ultimate Alaska trip!

While we will have some days inside, most of our adventures are meant to get you OUT into Alaska, see and smell Alaska in ways that most will never experience, and experience Alaska the way that has made us keep returning year after year.

We take the stress out of the trip. We will take care of planning, scheduling, booking, and reconning the areas. We will provide 5  special dinners to celebrate and multiple  box & buffet  lunches, long range radios so we can share points of interest/history as well as keep in touch, and free pet walking/watching while you are on the tours. While on the trip you will be given individualized schedules based on our conversations of things that are important to you. Some people love history, some adventure, some culture, etc. We will help build the dream vacation and make sure to help you experience things you may never have thought to do. Ride behind a team of huskies, pull in a monster halibut, listen to the whales sing or the ice burst loose from a glacier, go back in time to a native village, or get up close with a grizzly bear...

If you want the best Alaska has to offer then check out what is included in our tours. With two caravans and three levels of pricing we will make this the trip of a lifetime. With or without a caravan, Alaska is an expensive trip, wouldn’t you like to make it the best experience possible?

Highlights for the 62 day Tour

Additional Photos of what to expect

Here is a link to more photos of sites you will see during your caravan Alaska trip https://photos.app.goo.gl/6wxKDd3VPUfX7Xmc9