Alaskan Adventure Spring Tour

Embark on our handpicked tours and immerse
yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Alaska.

Choosing the Right Company
for Your Adventure

When selecting which company to go with, ensure you question several crucial aspects. The focus should be on ensuring that you have a safe and comfortable journey as you explore stunning Alaska destinations.

Evaluate how many days you'll need to pack up and move during the 63-day journey. With our caravan, you'll only move 22 times, offering a more relaxed pace. In contrast, other companies may require you to move 29 or more times, resulting in fewer days at each stop.

How do you choose which great trip to take? Let’s start with some of what makes each different.


More babies and much smaller (cuter), think baby bear, baby moose, baby otters, baby goats, baby eagles….

Historically (but not always) this is the dry season

Snow-capped mountains

Lots of daylight, even when it is not full daylight it will still be bright enough to see without a headlamp for the majority of your trip and will have full daylight for 20+ hrs most of your trip. That is more time to explore and do fun things

Celebrations-we will have a Summer Solstice Party and the 4th of July in Valdez


A bit less wildlife on the roads but we will still see plenty during the trip

It is a bit wetter but that also gets the berries to finish ripening up so we can pick them

Farmers' markets are loaded with fresh produce and homemade items

State Fair-an amazing experience

Northern Lights-seen every year so far

Fall colors in Denali and through the Northern Canadian Rockies

Moose have their antlers back on

We get asked a lot about bugs and which trip to avoid. We built our routes to avoid getting bitten as much as possible, that is why we go in different directions in Alaska for each of the trips. This allows us to avoid where the bugs are the heaviest, stay where the breezes are when they are out, and then visit the areas known for the swarms after they have ended.

Together, let’s explore the beauty of Alaska.

Our Chosen Destinations

Homer for seven nights

Seward for six nights

Fairbanks for five nights

Valdez for 4 nights

Haines for four nights

Skagway for three nights

Talkeetna for 3 to 4 nights, depending on the tour

Cooper Landing for four nights

Palmer for 5 to 6 nights, depending on the tour

Tolsona/Glennallen for three nights

Denali for three nights

Assessing Wagon Masters' Expertise

When considering a caravan company for your journey, delve into the experience of their Wagon Masters. Asking about their familiarity with driving to/from Alaska and knowledge of roads, points of interest, and local activities is crucial. Here's why expertise matters

Opt for a caravan company like ours, where we are owner-operated and have personally traveled with our RV to Alaska since 2014. Many companies rely on Wagon Masters, who may have gone by road only once. Our commitment to hands-on experience ensures a deeper understanding of the routes, attractions, and the best things to do in Alaska. Experience makes a significant difference in enhancing your caravan adventure!

Embark on a captivating journey with a glimpse of some of our extraordinary stops, each offering a unique experience

We're committed to ensuring your journey is both enriching and relaxing. To enhance your experience, we aim to limit drive days to under 300 miles. While there might be a couple slightly over, most are around 225 miles or fewer. Consult our calendar for precise details on mileage and the number of days at each of our fantastic stops.

Our Unforgettable Adventures

Relax in vintage passenger coaches as you trace the original route to the White Pass Summit. Witness the awe-inspiring Bridal Veil Falls, Inspiration Point, and Dead Horse Gulch. Take a panoramic view of mountains, glaciers, gorges, waterfalls, tunnels, trestles, and historic sites. See the enduring Klondike Trail of ‘98, a testament to the souls in search of fortune.

Explore the remote, glaciated, backcountry valley in your comfortable side-by-side. Your expert guides will lead you across beautiful meadows, through streams, and past scenic mountains and waterfalls to the majestic base of Alaska’s Knik Glacier. Recharge for the return journey with a delightful lunch at this incredible landmark.

Immerse yourselves in the world of grizzly bears like never before! Fly to the world-renowned locations for Alaska bear viewing & photography – Katmai National Park and Lake Clark National Park. On the grizzly bear tours (actually brown bears), witness bears grazing, fishing, clamming, playing, and nurturing their cubs. This trip promises to be one of your favorite collective memories.

Join us on a journey aboard a stable catamaran to explore the whales, wildlife, and glaciers of Kenai Fjords National Park. Extended time on the water allows our captain to seek the best wildlife viewing opportunities. Visit 1-2 active tidewater glaciers and cruise with a National Park Ranger. We work with each of you to choose the ideal length – whether you prefer a longer cruise or fewer hours.

Let us assist you in booking additional tours on some of your open days. Whether it's gold panning, fishing, float trips, helicopter adventures, glacier landings, kayaking, or more, tailor your experience to your bucket list. Share your preferences, and we'll ensure your days are filled with the beauty and activities you desire while also helping find time to relax.

Discover the vastness of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve is the largest national park in the U.S., soaring over 13.2 million acres and experiencing a crossroads of mountain ranges – Wrangell, Chugach, and St. Elias. Marvel at the alpine paradise, with nine of the 16 highest peaks in the country. Enjoy a scenic flight over this breathtaking landscape before landing in McCarthy.

Enjoy a water taxi across the bay from Homer, then cross the beach to enter the Alpine Forest. Your hike will take your through the glacier valley where you will see different plant life and wildlife. Take a break on the beach at the toe of the glacier before finishing your hike in Halibut Cove.

RV Adventure with a Personal Touch

Consider joining our small group adventure led by a couple who've spent a decade exploring Alaska's finest spots. Whether it's discovering the best places to eat, fish, hike, or tour, our experienced guides have driven the Alaska Highway over a dozen times. If the idea of RVing with a like-minded community intrigues you, let's delve into the essential details.

Crafting Your Unique Experience

As a company, we've curated a basic package featuring some of our most popular tours, recognizing that each of you brings different expectations and desires. This initial package, valued at $5,315 for 2024, serves as a starting point. However, we understand the importance of customization.

Your Unique Alaska Experience

Upon signing up, we'll coordinate a meeting to sit down and tailor the package to suit your preferences better. Perhaps you've already enjoyed the White Pass Train in Skagway, an included feature, but the allure of the Ocean Jet Boat adventure beckons. In such cases, we offer flexibility – we'll credit your White Pass Train experience and arrange the Ocean Jet Boat adventure for you.

Your Leisure, Your Way

Throughout our journey, we're committed to ensuring you not only have a blast during our exciting tours, but also have ample downtime for personal relaxation and exploration. Our team will actively collaborate with you at each stop, making sure your itinerary aligns with your interests. Are you uninterested in certain tours? We've got you covered; we'll exclude them so you only pay for what you genuinely want to experience.

Sample of Tours You Can Choose

Experience the thrill of flying to the west side of Cook Inlet to Redoubt Bay. Engage in sockeye salmon fishing with the expertise of professional guides. From fishing gear to a potential on-the-water "shore lunch," this tour promises enjoyment amid Alaska's natural beauty.

Unleash the spirit of adventure as you embark on an unforgettable 5-hour river journey through the vast and remote wilderness. Traverse the 130-mile round trip river excursion through Denali State Park and the nationally registered Wild River Park of “Devil’s Gorge.” Experience the thrill of whitewater in a safe, dry, and comfortable setting, venturing where only a few have gone.

For those adventurous souls ready to spend an entire day exploring Alaska’s beauty, our backcountry tour to Knik Glacier is an unbeatable experience of nature’s wonders. In this full-day tour lasting 6–8 hours, witness Alaska like never before. Journey through a remote, glaciated backcountry valley guided by our experts across beautiful meadows, streams, and past scenic mountains and waterfalls. Refuel with lunch at this incredible landmark for an equally stunning trip back.

The Husky Homestead tour offers an authentic look into a rural Alaskan lifestyle based on over 40 years of Alaskan adventures. From freight hauling on Denali to crossing the finish line in Nome with a champion Iditarod team, witness husky puppies exploding from the yard on a training run. Gain a behind-the-scenes look at creating a championship team and carving a life in Alaska’s Interior. Hear compelling stories from the trail, see actual racing sleds, arctic survival gear, and equipment used to traverse 1100 miles of Alaska’s most rugged terrain.

Relax in vintage passenger coaches and retrace the original route to the White Pass Summit. Pass by Bridal Veil Falls, Inspiration Point, and Dead Horse Gulch. Enjoy a breathtaking panorama of mountains, glaciers, gorges, waterfalls, tunnels, trestles, and historic sites. See the original Klondike Trail of ‘98 worn into the rocks—a permanent tribute to the thousands of souls who passed this way in search of fortune. Learn about the history that surrounds you.

Embark on a peaceful float along a non-motorized stretch of the scenic upper Kenai River through Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. Keep your cameras ready as we keep a keen watch for moose, eagles, Dall sheep, salmon, waterfowl, beavers, and bears. Navigate through snow-capped mountain scenery and hear the stories behind the sights—the wildlife, the native inhabitants, early settlers, and the forces of nature that shaped the Kenai River Valley.

Embark on a collective voyage with Captain Fred to experience Alaska's wilderness, observe whales, encounter diverse wildlife, and witness the majesty of Prince William Sound's glaciers. Sail comfortably aboard our motor yacht, Lu-Lu Belle, Alaska's most plush tour vessel. With teak, mahogany, and oriental rugs, Lu-Lu Belle offers a unique atmosphere ensuring your comfort and safety. Captain Fred, at the helm since 1979, shares insights gained from 46 years of experience in Alaska's Prince William Sound ecosystem.

Delve into a century-old family tradition with the Binkley family's steam boating legacy spanning five generations. Explore the Yukon and its tributaries, retracing the footsteps of Charles M. Binkley, a respected pilot and boat builder. Immerse yourself in frontier living with a guided walking tour of an Athabascan village. Witness an Alaskan bush pilot take off and land by the boat while enjoying a family-style meal at the Discovery Dining Hall.

Discover the charm of Haines, Alaska, where the Chilkat and Chilkoot rivers meet the sea. Join a small-group tour led by a knowledgeable local resident to explore historic Ft. Seward, Pyramid Island Lookout, Letnikof Cove Cannery Lookout, Extreme Dreams Art Studio, and more. Capture iconic views of Fort Seward and the Chilkat Mountains, ending with a visit to the unique Hammer Museum.

Visit the dog yard and meet the sled dogs, led by our guide, who introduces you to the team. Pet and bond with our huskies, then embark on a thrilling 20-minute dog sled ride. Witness the responsiveness of lead dogs to commands on beautiful trails, gaining insights into the training process. Upgrade for an exhilarating tour on a snow-covered glacier.

Indulge in a night of festivity at Alaska Cabin Nite Dinner Theatre, an authentic log cabin performance in the Miner's Plaza at Denali Park Village. Join characters like heroine Fannie Quigley in a true-to-life Gold Rush tale featuring storytelling, spirited music, humor, and hearty cuisine. A unique ensemble of talented performers brings to life Alaska's unique Cabin Nite Dinner Theatre.

2024 RV TOURS - 63 DAYS

Price for two people in one RV: $21,440

Includes 15 meals each and $5,315 in tours total, 62 nights of campgrounds, and see Also Included above.

1 person/1 RV: $18,783

Includes 15 meals and $2,657 in tours, 62 nights of campgrounds, and see Also Included above.

2025/2026 RV TOURS - 63 DAYS

Price for two people in one RV: $22,375

Includes 15 meals each and $5,850 in tours total, 62 nights of campgrounds, and see Also Included above.

1 person/1 RV: $19,452

Includes 15 meals and $2,923 in tours, 62 nights of campgrounds, and see Also Included above.

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