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Expert Trip Planning

Cindy and Jim possess a wealth of experience in planning exceptional trips. Also, we will ensure you won't miss valuable Alaskan experiences once you join our caravan.

Opting for quality over quantity, we limit our Spring and Summer caravan to 17 rigs. Our Winter tours are limited to 10 guests per guide. As your personal guides, we guarantee individual attention throughout the trip, creating lasting memories.

If you are traveling with us in the RV caravan we will be handling all of the planning, booking, details, and taking care of what is needed to make your trip stress free. For our Winter travelers we handle everything from the time you land until the time you fly out. Airport transfers, hotels, excursions, meals, and planning for events.

Our Spring and Summer tours welcome rigs of all sizes—Class A, B, C, 5th Wheels, and hard-sided TTs. Experience helicopter rides, fishing boats, and more. Fitness is not mandatory, but participation enhances the unique experiences.

We provide value while tailoring experiences to fit your budget. Quality over quantity is our ethos, leaving open days for flexibility. Customize your journey based on preferences, with options for additional tours ($$).

Our goal is to guide tours to and within Alaska. Explore unique experiences off the beaten path, uncovering hidden gems known to very few.

Winter visitors will experience Fur Rondy (Celebrating 90yrs in 2025) which celebrates the end of winter with fun events like running with the reindeer and outhouse races. Then we will enjoy the Iditarod by going to the Mushers Ball, the Ceremonial Start, Official Start, one of the Official Checkpoints on the second day of the race. Finish with a train ride through Denali to Fairbanks and hunt for Northern Lights.

Our story begins with a love for RV travel and a passion for crafting unforgettable experiences. Cindy's deep RV lifestyle roots, combined with Jim's diverse background, form the essence of Excursion Inc. We share a love for the Alaska wilderness and a commitment to offering a distinctive caravan experience—one reflecting our years of exploration, expertise, and the desire to showcase the best of the Last Frontier.


Cindy and Jim

A man and woman standing in front of some bears.


Sartorius Retired

This blog is of all of their RV national park trips, but it is in chronological order, so just look for Day 18 of their Alaska trip.

The Risser's

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Susan and Bob

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