Why are there 3 levels of pricing?

  • We did not want to make a one size fits all Alaska caravan. When planning our trips we wanted to give you a choice of the amount of adventures you explore while making sure that you leave loving Alaska as we do. For example: love to fish, then we can suggest some additional tours. Never been deep-sea fishing, not to worry as we only work with the best companies (and you will always be in sight of land).  Really hate fishing, then lets trade that tour out for something else that you have always wanted to do. Only one of you wants to go fishing, then you can choose to go out twice or send that spouse on a different tour more to their liking. Remember that this caravan is not about fitting a set schedule of tours, we are here to help build your dream trip! Not sure which level is best for you, give us a call 407-625-6025.

What does the price of a tour generally include?

  • In addition to all of the activities (see Highlights) that are covered, each tour also includes: a 2019 Milepost, Alaska State Park pass for towed vehicle, name tags to make it easier for all of us to make friends, free pet walking on tour days, 5 celebration dinners, 10 box lunches (pp), all of your campground reservations for the duration of the caravan, tips/gratuity for all provided meals and on tours, personal concierge service before and during the trip, free surprise gift at welcome party, satellite phone usage through Canada for calling home, and use of long range radios throughout caravan.

What if I have a mechanical breakdown during the tour?

  • If you should happen to have a breakdown during the tour, our tail gunner will work with you to either get back on the road or wait with you for a tow truck to arrive.  The tail gunner carries a satellite phone so that help can be reached from even the remote locations. It is highly recommended to carry a membership with a company like Good Sam or CoachNet that includes towing in the US and Canada. If you are unable to continue the tour, you may receive a prorated credit, less any expenses incurred by Excursion Inc on your behalf. 

Do I need a passport?

  • Yes, you will need a current passport for crossing the Canada and US border.

Should I bring a tow vehicle?

  • It is recommended to have a tow vehicle. We have built in many “free” days for you to explore independently. We will give you a list of places to go and see.

Are pets welcome?

  • Yes, welcomed and loved. We will take care of pet walking on your tour days so you can relax and enjoy. You will need a current proof of rabies and a health certificate (within 30 days of entering Canada) to cross the border.

Will we travel convoy or independent style?

  • We believe in guiding, not dictating. On move days the wagonmaster will leave early each morning to get to set up at the next stop. You will have a sheet for those days with where you are going, how to get there, and fun things to stop and see on the way. As long as you leave by check out time, you will be fine so don’t worry if you are not an “early morning” person. Some people may buddy up, others may prefer to go alone.  If you want to follow the wagonmaster you are welcome to. The tail gunner will leave the parks at check out time in case anyone has any issues. The goal of the move days is to enjoy some very breathtaking scenery, see wildlife, and get to the next stop in great shape. This will not be a race, the pace is set to minimize damage to the rigs and people along the way while maximizing the experience. 

Do you limit the number of rigs?

  • Yes. We have chosen to keep our groups smaller so that we can focus more on quality vs quantity. We hope you will leave this tour with new lifelong friends, us included. We will only be accepting 14 rigs for each tour.

Are gratuities included?

  • Yes, gratuities are included in all provided tours and meals. 

How bad are the roads?

  • This is one of the most asked questions. The answer is that most of the roads are no worse then the lower 48 except for a few sections. We know where those sections are and will give plenty of warning to you. This is one of the reasons we supply radios, so we can send communications down the line. The secret to those sections is to slow down (a lot).  It is very possible to make the trip without damage.

I am looking at the tours included and I don’t want to do one of the included tours?

  • You have two options when booking your trip with us. We can give you several substitute tours to choose from based on your preferences or we can subtract that cost from your trip.  Our goal when choosing the tours is to give you the best experience of Alaska. We want to help you see things that you might not have thought to do or see but we also want to make sure that you enjoy yourself so please give us a call and lets make this the best trip possible.

Is every day booked with tours? 

  • Remember Summer Camp? Remember how they filled every minute of your day with activities, sing alongs, and schedules? That’s not this tour. While we are taking the scheduling off your plate and offering a lot of fun tours in the price, we also understand the importance of “free” time. This is independent travel. Most of our tours will be broken down into smaller groups. Helicopters only fly 3 passengers, planes fly up to 5, and only two people on a dog sled. We will do some things as a group and others as couples. You will have some days to go off and explore or just sit outside and relax. Remember that this is a vacation so be wary of those who want to keep you busy every day. Quality over Quantity.