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Is this the caravan for you?


So why should you choose to join our Alaska caravan? Is this the right Alaska caravan for you? 

I have always enjoyed the planning stages of trips for myself and for family. I am also very good at it 🙂. A person can make the trip to Alaska without joining a caravan but what we hear a lot from those we run into is how much they missed because they didn’t know what there was and how much time they needed. With or without a caravan, Alaska is not a cheap trip so wouldn’t you like to make it the best experience possible? Our goal is to help people maximize the experience using the knowledge we have gained from our 5 trips to Alaska. We also plan on keeping the group small, think B&B instead of Holiday Inn, with a cap of only 14 rigs or 28 people. This allows us to be able to give individual attention before and during the trip.

We take the stress out the trip. We will book the RV parks (and make sure they are big rig friendly), we will book the best tours at each stop and give you options of tours to add on if you want, we will give you a list of fuel stations that are big rig friendly on the drive days, we will provide long range radios so that everyone stays in touch, we will provide 5 special dinners to celebrate milestones, we will provide the box lunches for the tours that you need them so you don’t have to, we will give you memories of a lifetime that will be the envy of all of your friends. All you have to do is show up and have fun!!!

This tour is perfect for any size rig, we travel with a 43 ft plus Jeep so already know where to stay for the big rigs. All rigs in good working condition are eligible (Class A, B, C, 5th Wheels, and all hard sided TT)

This tour is for those who are mobile. You will be climbing in and out of helicopters, small planes, fishing boats, jet boats, dog sleds, etc. You don’t have to be fit but you will not enjoy the benefits of this caravan over others if you are not able to get in and out.

This tour is not the budget tour. While we can work with you to eliminate some of the tours to meet your budget, this tour is meant to leave you with no regrets.

This tour is designed to be quality over quantity. We will not fill every waking moment with museums, cemeteries, and walking tours (though happy to direct you to them if that is your wish). We will leave open days at each stop and help you with suggestions, book any additional tours you wish to add ($$), or allow you a down day to just take in the beauty of Alaska.

This tour does focus on Alaska. Our goal is to get caravan to and in Alaska while enjoying the drive through Canada. One of the great things about the 49 day trip is you will have the freedom to stay and play in Alaska after it ends, then travel back to the lower 48 at your pace. We will be happy to give guidance on places to visit and stay on your way home but you will get to set your schedule. For those who choose the 60 day trip you will be guided back a different route then we come up with a few extra excursions or if you would rather stay in Alaska and explore some more we will refund that portion of the trip (in other words you can choose to make the 60 day into a 49 day).

For those who find this a fit, please enjoy the posting on our Facebook group, Alaska Excursion Caravan 2019, of some of what you will be seeing next year if you choose to join the Alaska Excursion Caravan 2019!

We love to share our passion of Alaska and would love to speak with you so we can answer any questions you may have. Feel free to give Cindy a call at 407-625-6025 and chat before making the decision on what caravan to travel with.

Our Background

What we do on our days off...fish!

Cindy grew up with the RV lifestyle as she spent her summers with her grandparents traveling the Western States. As she grew older the need to travel continued as well as her skills at planning the ultimate trip with whatever time and budget she had. Her family and friends often tapped into her skills to make their vacations memorable. When she met Jim, she found her soulmate, someone who enjoyed exploring as much as she did. 

Jim spent his childhood in Indiana before joining the Army. After serving his country he ended up working on the Space Shuttle in Florida where he raised his family. Over time he moved into construction, running high rise buildings and hospitals. Its hard to find someone who loves fishing more and if you are looking to toss a line he will be happy to show you some places to go (and will probably join you). In 2009 we met each other and a year later were married. Cindy’s need to travel led to many short vacations.

After four years of flying, driving, and cruising to many ports, they sold their home and hit the road full time. In four years time, they put over 80k miles on their Class A and another 120k on their Jeeps. The one passion that they never seem to get enough of is Alaska. They fell in love in 2013 when they flew up with Jim’s two sons to celebrate graduating school. They drove up in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 to spend four months each time exploring. Their love of the state, the people, and the adventure led to the formation of Excursion Inc. They saw a need for a different type of caravan, one that allowed the time to really explore all that Alaska has to offer. One that took people off the beaten path to places that very few would normally know to go. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed


While working with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us, our services, or even travel tips, get in touch! We hope you continue to book with us for many years to come.